I called Killeen Appliance Repair after reading their reviews and I have to say, I did the right thing. The burners on my GE range werent lighting. The repair tech came out the same morning that I called and he quickly diagnosed the problem. He gave me a quote, which I accepted, and was able to fix the broken control right away because he had the part with him.

Since he was already at my house, I asked if he had time to check my garbage disposal, which wasn’t doing the job very well. As you know, most contractors wouldn’t take the time without a second appointment. But the technician from Killeen Appliance Repair was really nice about it and didn’t hesitate to take a look. All he had to do to get it working better was put ice in the disposal and turn it on! The ice worked like magic. I would definitely call Killeen Appliance Repair again and will recommend them highly to all my friends. Thank you | Dan H. / Killeen, TX

After battling with a faulty ice-maker for four years, three different companies and eventually having it replaced I called Killeen Appliance based on their reviews. the technician could not have been nicer and was able to fix the problem very quickly and reasonably. The ice maker that had been installed previously was not even the right model for our refrigerator. I highly recommend this company and will use them exclusively from now on! | Happy Customer

¬†We had a problem with our side-by-side GE refrigerator. The freezer was working fine but the refrigerator compartment wasn’t cold enough and it seemed to get worse every day. Another company came first and told me that we needed to replace the computer board. They had to order it and then it would take 2 more weeks to arrive. Before going that route, I looked for other options. We called Killeen Appliance Repair to get a second opinion. I scheduled an appointment and they showed up promptly. After diagnosing the situation, the technician determined that the problem was the defrost thermostat, not the computer board. He gave me a price for the repair which was far far lower than the other companys. He then repaired my fridge and it is working again. The cost for the refrigerator repair plus parts was fair and the service was worth every penny.| Helen G / Copperas Cove, TX

I had a problem with my dryer, which was taking too long to dry the clothes and I was starting to get frustrated I even had to wear damp clothes a couple times. I found about Killeen Appliance Repair on the web and I am I glad that I did! Your customer service representative answered the phone and, after doing some quick problem solving to figure out how big a job it would be, told me someone would be at my house the same day between 3 and 4 PM. He called back a little while later and asked if he could come earlier between 1 and 2 PM, which I agreed to. At few minutes before 1PM my dogs started barking. I looked out the window and there was the Killeen Appliance Repair technician walking up to the door.

My dryer was fixed 40 minutes later! The Killeen Appliance Repairman charged per job, not per hour, and he had me approve the quote before he started working. The cost seemed reasonable and I am happy with the results. | Richard F. / Harker
Heights, TX